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대한민국 KOREA

※ Population : About 51,784,669 person(2018.03. Korea standard) 27th in the world
※ GDP : 1,538 trilion $ 11st in the world (2018 IMF standard)
※ GDP per capita : 29,891$ 28th in the world (2018 IMF standard)




Korean Travelers to Thailand from Korea


※ The number of tourists visiting Thailand in Korea is increasing every year. It is reported in detail's the Korea Tourism Organization data in 2018, it will be 2.000.000 people.




2018 Overseas Travel Trend Forecast

Favorite overseas destination for Koreans (High proportion of short distance.)

Japan – 48.7 %  ◆ Vietnam – 36.8 %    ◆ Thailand – 29.2 %  ◆ China – 16.7 %







Korea outbound travel 2017

Traveler features

•Type of overseas trip: Free Individual Tour (59.7%), package (25.3%), flight + hotel(8%), economy package(7%)
•Purpose of overseas travel: Leisure/Relaxation (83.3%), Business (8.3%) etc.
Mobile Internet use while abroad: 84.2 % of travelers reported using mobile internet while overseas.


Korea International Airports

• Korean have been travelled through 8 international/domestic airports
• Flights to Thailand depart from 5 international airports (Incheon Airport/ Jeju Airport/ Gimhae Airport/ Daegu Airport/ Muan Airport) in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier South Korean cities.
• Over 10,000 people visit Thailand from South Korea daily.
• Average of 46 flights a day


※ Sources: Korea Tourism Organization KTO (http://kto.visitkorea)
(Record date 20.05.2018)





ONDA KOREA is the leading Korean B2B hotel distribution company which has the largest booking network in Korea.
Selling rooms on a number of channels, both at home and abroad, that have a strong partnership with ONDA, it’s possible to sell hotel rooms simultaneously at multiple sites under a single contract.






2018  • Korea Tourism Organization has signed a contract with an official partner for hotel reservation.
 • Established ONDAKOREA, an overseas marketing company
2017  • ONDA GDS launching 6 months Ten billion Attainment
 • ONDA GDS - Airbnb / Agoda / CTRIP - launching
 • WIT Asia 2017 - Silvwr sponsorship ONDA pension – launching
 • ONDA GDS - 11th Street / TMON / NAVER / – OPEN
 • Magazine ZARI First publication
2016  • TPOT(Company) - Zariwalk A corporate merger
 • ZARI CMS - Hostel World launching
 • First time accommodation only app ZARI App launching
2015  • ZARI Service Beta Open
 • Booking.com / Expedia / Agoda / partnership ZARI CMS Service launching
2014  • Established the Lime THAILAND, an entertainment company
 • KISA Global K Startup TOP7 Championship
 • ZARI Close Alpha Service Open
2010  • Homepage creation and local portal site Open
 • Jeonju / Jeongeup / Gochang
2005  • Homepage creation and local portal site ibuan.co.kr Open

※ ONDA KOREA presents the right tomorrow for the lodging industry..






※ Onda Magazine, made monthly, provides guests with a comfortable booking by introducing hotels, Poolvilla, and guest houses in every country in the world, as well as the accommodation operations and know-how underlying the various hospitality industry..


※ Onda magazine is printed and distributed monthly as a book, and emails are sent to the exposure of the homepage and members around the world.






한국관광공사 숙박예약 공식인증 파트너사



Korea Tourism Organization's Official Certified Partner for Accommodation




ONDAKOREA CHANNEL Reservation System

Registering with ONDA KOREA connects your business to all Korean booking channels..
As a powerhouse of high-speed Internet, South Korea has a large number of members on its shopping sites, including Naver, Timon, Coupang, 11st, Auction and G-Market, all popular sites for anyone in Korea to use and connect on.





ONDA E-Booking infomation



◆ VCC payment

ONDA E-Booking system Fee

◆ Hotel provides net price and ONDA mark-up for sale price








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